25 Delicious Ooey Gooey Cookie Bar Recipes

Cookie bars make a wonderful sweet treat, and there are so many different kinds. You could bake a different recipe every day for about a month with this list!

These recipes are all pretty easy to make. If you can make brownies from scratch, you can make these. They’re also fairly quick to make – most of the time is the cooking.

Chocolate cookie bars on a white plate

Cookie bars are like a cross between cookies and brownies or cake. They’re thicker and usually softer than some cookies.

And making them in a pan means you can have layers of different flavors. That’s one of the main differences between cookie bars and regular cookies. The layering lets you get really creative with recipes in a way you can’t with cookies.

They can also be made more quickly than cookies – generally. You can make them ahead of time when you want a dessert at home or one to take to a party.

Kids love these, the same way they love cookies. These recipes can be a good way to get them into the kitchen and around cooking, even if all they do is add decorations on top.

Ooey Gooey Cookie Bar Recipes

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Last Updated:

April 26, 2024