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5 Best Countertop Ice Makers

Countertop ice makers are especially useful if your refrigerator doesn’t have a built-in ice maker. They’re so easy to use. You simple plug these units in, pour in some water and after some time passes, you get ice.

These little machines are like having your own ice machine at home. Even if your refrigerator makes ice, a small ice maker is great to use in parts of the home that are far from it.

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Small ice cubes in goblet

What to Look For in an Ice Maker

The most important feature to look at is what type of ice it makes. Some make traditional hard cubes. Some make crushed ice.

The most popular style right now is nugget ice, which is made from ice flakes and similar to what’s served at Sonic restaurants. It’s chewable and is said to keep drinks cold without affecting the flavor as much as traditional ice. All the machines on this list make nugget ice.

Beyond the ice type, consider whether you want to connect it to home plumbing. This isn’t always simple, so most people prefer a reservoir style ice maker where you just fill it up with water yourself.

Obviously, having it refill from home plumbing is more convenient, but only if you’re never taking it to a place without plumbing. Like an RV or campsite. So consider where you plan to use it.

After this, your main concerns will probably be size, style and durability. Make sure it will fit and look good where you plan to use it. And you might want to read reviews to get ideas of how well it works over time.

Best Countertop Ice Makers