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6 Best LED Craft Lamps to Mimic Daylight

LED craft lamps are great when you need the very best craft lighting. These mimic daylight to show colors more true. They’re even great for photography. 

Their LED lights are great for sewing, knitting, crochet, artwork, model making and more. Most are designed with flexible necks to be ultra-positionable. The result is as close as you can get to having daylight whenever and wherever you need it.

Top Picks

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What to Look for in Craft Lamps:

Very few of these lamps get many complaints – that’s why I’m including them. Picking the right one or ones for your space is mostly about figuring out what you want.

  • Do you want it to stand on a floor or desk or table? The answer will usually be which one you have more room on. If floor space is scarce, putting it on a desk or table top will leave the floor space open. If you have a very busy table or desk, however, you might rather have it stand on the floor.
  • Also consider where the light is going to shine from. If the lamp is on the floor, it has to be at the edge of a table and can’t be moved easily toward the middle.
  • Do you want extra features like a USB phone charging station or desk organizer stand?


Bulbs are not replaceable

One thing I don’t love about these lamps is that you can’t just replace the bulb like you do with a regular lamp. The LEDs are designed to last for years and years if you left a lamp on constantly, so you get your money’s worth. But when the bulb goes, the whole lamp becomes a paperweight destined for the landfill.

There is a reason for this however. These bulbs are integrated LEDs that have a circuit board, and that’s why they can do what they do and potentially last a decade or more (I’ve had some of mine about 8 years).

Touch switches

Most of these lamps have a touch switch. You can’t feel a button, so if you’re fumbling for the lamp switch in the dark, you just have to keep touching the base until you tap it and the light comes on.

I use one of these as a bedside table lamp. While I do have to fumble for the touch switch, I prefer it to a switch that’s difficult to push, which I’ve had on other bedside lamps.

Craft lamp on top of desk

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