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Our Favorite Craft Supplies

These are some of our favorite arts and craft supplies and resources for crafters. From specialty pastels to hole punches, we’ve got a little of everything here.

Craft supplies including paints and brushes

Paper Working/Scrapbooking

If you love scrapbooking, the website for you is Not only do they have everything you need for scrapbooking, but they also have all sorts of paper crafting supplies.

Paper Making Kit

A paper making kit allows you to turn junk mail and old paper into beautiful recycled paper. The paper you make from it will have a texture and uneven edges, which makes it great for scrapbooking, calligraphy and lots of crafts.

The above-linked kit from Blick Art Materials comes with a deckle (framed screen) and everything else you need to make paper. You can also get these kits from Amazon.

Acid-free Binder Sheets

Acid-free binder sheets are great for preserving old photos. They keep the photos from degrading further and don’t damage them over time.


If you don’t need a complete paper making kit, you can also just buy the deckles. This is great if you want to make paper in different sizes.

3-Hole Punch

For making any kind of book from a journal to a scrapbook, a 3-hole punch comes in handy. I’ve had this Swingline 3 hole punch from Amazon for years.

It’s easy to press, always does a great job (as long as you line up the papers correctly), and it can punch through quite a few sheets at a time. It’s also easy to empty, and doesn’t need to be emptied too often.

X-Acto Blade

The X-Acto Blade is one of the best tools for cutting paper. It’s kind of like a box cutter, but much more precise. It’s an amazing tool for cutting paper and other materials.

Glue Making

Reusable squeeze bottles

These reusable squeeze bottles are great for storing glue and other liquids for crafting. They are airtight to keep the glue from drying out or molding. You’ll have an easy time refilling them, and they don’t leak.

Unflavored gelatin

It sounds more like a kitchen pantry staple than a craft supply, but you’d be surprised. Unflavored gelatin, which you can order from Amazon or find at the grocery store, can be used to make homemade glue and even homemade soap.


Glycerine has so many uses. You can use it to make homemade glue. Or you can mix them as a medium with acrylic paints to make them apply and mix more smoothly. You can also refresh ink pads with it. You can order glycerine from Amazon.

Clove Oil

Here’s another one you may think of as belonging in the kitchen. But clove oil is also a natural preservative for homemade glue and water-based paints. You can order clove oil from Amazon.

Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is a versatile art medium as well as a food item. You can use it to turn dry pigment powder into paint. The powder form is easier to work with than liquid, because the liquid tends to darken with exposure to air.

In the kitchen, gum arabic is a thickener. You can make gomme syrup with it or use it to add texture to icing, ice cream and other confections.


Alum is a firming agent for vegetables and fruit, most often used in pickling. It is also used in making homemade vegetable glues.

Corn Starch

Corn starch can also be used to make glue. Most of our grandmothers probably kept it on hand for cooking, but it’s not in every kitchen anymore. You can buy corn starch from Amazon.

Corn Syrup

You can also use corn syrup to make glue. It’s not the typical pantry staple it used to be, but you can buy corn syrup from Amazon.


Scents are part of making soap, candles, potpourri, sachets, and many other crafts.

Essential Oils

You can use just a couple of drops of essential oils to scent most anything in crafts. Mix different scents to create your own with these assorted essential oils from Art Naturals.

Gift Bags

Organza Gift Bags

These small organza gift bags from Amazon are perfect for making sachets or little DIY wedding favors. They are sheer and come in pink, blue and purple.

Cellophane Gift Bags

Cellophane gift bags are a great way to distribute party favors. You can also use them to give gifts of homemade potpourri, since they’ll preserve the scent inside.

Arts & Crafts

Spray Bottles

Spray bottles like these or these have a variety of uses in crafting. Spraying water or another medium onto ink or paint can change the texture of it or keep it from drying too quickly.

You can also keep spray bottles around for everything from watering houseplants to gently misting your hair with your own homemade leave-in conditioner.

Spray Gesso

Spray Gesso is a clear medium you spray on. It’s often used to prepare a surface, like a canvas. It’s much quicker and easier to work with than gesso you paint on.

But I usually spray it over finished artwork. This particular bottle is one I’ve used to preserve pastel and charcoal drawings. Just a spray over the surface and it becomes much harder to smudge your work.

Fabric Painting

Fabric Paints

This set of paints from Createx Fabric Paint (from Blick Art Materials) is a great way to get started with fabric painting. This is a quality set of basic colors (or you can buy individual bottles) that will look good and be easy to work with.

You can also buy a set of these from Amazon – this set is a different brand, but it gets great reviews.

If you mix colors, small paint jars are great for storing them with the least amount of air.

Fabric Painting Markers

Fabric Painting Markers are another way to draw on fabric. These feel a lot like drawing with chiseled ink markers.

Aunt Martha’s Ballpoint Paint Tubes

Ever wish you could paint a thin line like a ballpoint pen on a T-shirt, like an outline for a drawing, or some smaller text? Aunt Martha’s Ballpoint fabric paint tubes do a surprisingly good job of it.

Knitting and Crochet


You probably already know about the lovely selection of yarn at Michael’s. And you may also know that Amazon has a whole yarn section.

But you may not be familiar with Darn Good Yarn, which sells stunning recycled yarn, handmade in small batches. This yarn is unique and beautiful – something special you really should take a look at.

Annie’s Craft Store also sells a fantastic selection of yarn, along with everything else you could want from a craft shop.

Knitting and Crochet Bags and Storage

You’ll need somewhere to store all your knitting and crochet gear. Preferably a nice bag you can carry it all around in, like this Teamoy Knitting Bag and Organizer. It’s got a place for everything – yarn, hooks and needles, booklets – all in one handy bag.

It’s compact, it keeps everything organized, and the dividers stand up without collapsing. It’s perfect for separating everything into its own place and keeping curious pets from getting into your knitting supplies.

For longer term storage, take a look at plastic clear storage totes and boxes from Target. They’re great for protecting yarn, yet making it easy to see the skeins in the box before you start opening them all up.

Crochet Classes/Courses

Udemy has lots of crochet courses for you to take.

You can take online crochet courses from Annie’s. They have a basic Learn to Crochet class for beginners that you can take online or buy a DVD to use at home. It will take you through five projects, and you get lifetime access to it.

There’s also a highly recommended course called Learn to Crochet with Jonah, taught by a young man. Reviewers appreciate how easy he makes it for both children and adults to learn crochet.

And then there are also the more specialized courses on specific techniques. Learn to Bead Crochet covers five different techniques for working beads into crochet pieces. And Learn Tunisian Crochet teaches you this advanced technique in a way that makes it fun and easy.

You might want to start with a complete kit that takes you through 15 projects. The Boye I Taught Myself to Crochet kit does just that. It comes with everything you need except the yarn.

Or you can get the DIY Frog Stuffed Animal Knit & Crochet Kit and have everything you need to make an adorable little frog toy. And yes, it’s for beginners.

Knitting Classes

You can take knitting classes at every level online. Udemy offers so many knitting courses to choose,, ranging from beginner to expert, and specialty courses in specific techniques.

Annie’s also offers several online knitting courses. Learn to Knit and Learn Continental Knitting are the most basic ones. Or you can get a little more advanced with specific techniques in Learn Circular Knitting or Knitting ER: How to Fix Your Mistakes.

You can also start out with a complete kit like the Learn to Knit Teacher Kit from Susan Bates. It comes with everything you need, except the yarn, to make lots of projects.


Sewing Machine

Singer has long been one of the best brands in sewing machines. Their Simple sewing machine line is great for cutting down that learning curve you get with some machines. It will have you doing real tasks in no time, but it can also do anything complicated you might want.


Quilting Courses

Need some training? Udemy has all the quilting courses you need whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert looking to learn a new technique.


Sometimes you just need digital solutions, even with crafting. Here are some of our favorite programs for helping you achieve crafting goals.

Canva Pro

If it’s a graphic design, you can make it faster on Canva Pro and have it look like a million bucks. They have templates and great design tools that make it so easy, even if you have no graphic skills and no eye for it.

You can create your own planner pages from a huge assortment of planner templates. Or you can create invitations, business cards, posters, worksheets, and so much more.

The learning curve is pretty straightforward.

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