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How to cut your own bangs

If it weren’t for bangs, a good haircut could last many of us for months. When bangs are the only reason you’re considering going back for a cut, you might want to try trimming them yourself. After all, you can see what you’re doing – it’s not as if you’re trying to do fancy layers along the back of your skull.

Scissors next to bangs

Chic-Critique shares an interesting method for making the cut look a bit layered rather than blunt, so it doesn’t have to be perfectly even to look good. Check out her before and after photographs – it does work!

Be careful about making sure you’ve only got hold of your bangs when you try this. It’s sometimes hard to tell the bangs layer from other layers. There’s a method to finding them (click over for a helpful illustration):

Use your comb and make a straight line up from your nose to the where the bangs will begin. The farther back you go with the comb, the thicker they will be. Once you have found that spot drag the comb from that point and down to the outer edge of one of your eyebrows. Pin back the hair that is not to be included in the bangs. Repeat on the other side of you head. With your comb clean up the lines, making sure that both sides have an equal amount of hair, and move any hair that doesn’t belong back to the clippy. You should now have a nice, even triangle shape at the front of your forehead, with one point lined up with the edge of each eyebrow, and one point lined up with your nose.

This is a great money and time saver!

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