DIY Farmhouse kitchen decor Ideas for a Rustic Feel

Did you know you can give your kitchen a farmhouse look without costly redecorating? These DIY farmhouse kitchen decor ideas will give it that cozy, rustic feeling with replacing one sink or range hood.

DIY farmhouse kitchen with rustic decor

If you’ve dreamed of having a charming, rustic kitchen filled with warmth and character, you can accomplish so much with DIY farmhouse kitchen decor. With a few simple touches and carefully chosen pieces, you can transform your kitchen into a cozy and inviting space that feels like home.

Essentials Farmhouse kitchen Decor Ideas

You first need to understand the essential elements that define this style. The goal is to create an inviting, warm space that blends vintage and rustic elements with modern conveniences.

When adding rustic touches to your décor, remember that imperfection is part of the charm. Embrace rough edges, uneven paint finishes, and scratches as part of the overall design aesthetic. By incorporating these elements into your décor, you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your farmhouse-style kitchen.


The color scheme of a farmhouse kitchen tends to be neutral, with white being the most common choice. Soft gray or beige tones can also be used as a base color.

You can add pops of color through accessories such as dish ware, textiles, and wall art. Next, choose natural materials like wood and stone for your flooring and countertops, if you’re replacing them.

Functional Pieces

Consider adding functional pieces like open shelving made from reclaimed wood or metal utensil holders that hang from the ceiling. These elements not only serve a purpose but also add character to your space. And they can be DIY installed. 

Rustic Touches

One of the key elements of a farmhouse-style kitchen is the use of distressed finishes. The easiest way to achieve it is to reuse old things. 

Open Wooden Shelf

Open wooden shelves in farmhouse kitchen

Go to junk yards or antique shops to find genuine old pieces you can add to your kitchen. Look for weathered wood, antique metal, and materials that have a patina of age.

A reclaimed piece of wood makes a great open shelf. You may even have some old boards around the house you can repurpose for this.

Old Wooden Ladder

Open ladder as kitchen shelving

There are many other ways to add rustic touches to your décor. For example, consider using an old ladder as a pot rack or display for vintage kitchenware.

Mason Jars

Mason jars can be used as storage containers for spices or utensils and hung from ceiling beams with twine or wire. Stenciling country-themed designs on wooden signs or using vintage labels on storage containers are also great ways to add character and charm.


Using baskets for storage also adds a rustic feel. You can trim baskets with some white sackcloth or gingham fabric to add to the farmhouse effect.


Hanging a chalkboard can add a surprisingly vintage feel to your kitchen, and also serve as a great way to organize your family with notes. You can also make your own DIY chalk paint and paint it on a board or just a piece of your wall.

Farmhouse Tables, Chairs and Cabinets

Classic pieces such as farmhouse tables, chairs, and kitchen cabinets can give your space a warm and inviting feel. An aged wood cabinet with glass doors can display your favorite kitchenware items while adding character to the room.

But if replacing cabinets isn’t in your near future, try adding an antique pie safe or rustic hutch for extra storage space. Or find an old sideboard at an antique market to fit in a corner.

Old oak sideboard

For seating options around your farmhouse table, consider mixing and matching different styles of chairs. Metal chairs with distressed finishes or wooden chairs with woven seats are both great options that can add texture and depth to the space.

If space allows, adding a cozy bench along one side of the table can create a relaxed atmosphere perfect for family gatherings.

Overall, incorporating farmhouse-inspired furniture pieces in your kitchen is an excellent way to add character and warmth while also creating functional storage areas. Whether you’re going for a complete farmhouse look or just adding small touches throughout the room, these classic furniture pieces are sure to make your kitchen feel like home.

Vintage kitchenware: Adding the perfect antique touch

One of the best ways to bring a touch of history and nostalgia into your rustic farmhouse decor kitchen is by incorporating vintage kitchenware. These items not only add character and charm to your space, but they can also be functional pieces that are both beautiful and practical.

Look for antique silverware, copper pots, enamel bowls, and ceramic pitchers at flea markets or thrift stores. You can even display them on open shelves or hanging racks to show off their beauty. These vintage pieces will not only make your space unique but bring back memories of a simpler time in history.

DIY projects for a budget-friendly farmhouse kitchen

Creating a beautiful farmhouse style kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity and some DIY skills, you can transform your kitchen on a budget. 

Farmhouse-style shelving: Replace your upper cabinets with open shelving made from reclaimed wood or sleek metal brackets. This will not only give you more storage space but also creates an eye-catching display for your dishes, glasses, and other collectibles.

Mason jar storage: Use Mason jars as storage containers for pantry staples like flour, sugar, and pasta. Not only do they add rustic charm to your kitchen decor but they’re also practical and easy to clean.

Natural wood countertops: If you’re looking to update your countertops, consider using natural wood instead of expensive granite or quartz. It’s an affordable way to add warmth and texture to your kitchen while keeping within budget.

Butcher block kitchen carts: If you have the space, just adding a butcher block kitchen cart or island adds a very rustic feel.

D.I.Y decor: Repurpose wooden pallets or scrap wood to create DIY wall decor with inspirational quotes or paintings of farm animals like chickens or cows. This adds some personality in the room which makes it cozy while on a budget.

With these simple yet creative DIY projects, you can give your kitchen that charming farmhouse look without breaking the bank.

Ideas for your Kitchen textiles and linens

One of the best and cheapest DIY ideas to create a cozy atmosphere in your modern farmhouse kitchen is by incorporating some old-fashioned textiles and linens. These items not only add warmth and softness to the space, but also personality.

A few well-placed tea towels, table runners, and dish cloths can go a long way in transforming your kitchen into a comfortable gathering place.

When choosing kitchen textiles and linens, it’s important to consider both function and style. Opt for materials that can hold up against daily use such as cotton or linen.

Neutral colors such as white, beige or gray are ideal choices for creating that classic farmhouse look. Wedgewood blue and a warm, friendly red can add pops of color without changing the overall feel.

To add interest to your décor, consider incorporating patterns such as checks or stripes in complementary colors. If you want to add some texture, try mixing different fabrics such as burlap or lace with cotton or linen.

A simple yet effective way to create an inviting atmosphere is by placing seasonal floral arrangements on your table or countertops.

These are some of the simplest diy farmhouse decor ideas available, and they will change the feel of the kitchen to a cozy yet functional space.

Farmhouse lighting: Adding warmth and character

Lighting is a crucial element in any room, but it plays an even more significant role in a farmhouse-inspired kitchen. Beside providing functionality, the lighting fixtures can add warmth, charm, and character to your decor.

Light Fixtures

Replacing lighting may be expensive and a hassle, but replacing light fixtures is not. This is a simple DIY job you can do without any special skills.

To achieve that perfect farmhouse look, consider incorporating antiqued or vintage-style lighting fixtures. Think of pendant lights with metal shades or chandeliers with wrought-iron accents.

You can also opt for lighting fixtures made of natural materials such as wood or woven fibers to give your kitchen a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Incorporating Natural Elements into Your Décor

When it comes to creating that farmhouse DIY kitchen look, natural elements can make all the difference. Wood, stone, and other natural materials bring warmth and texture to the space, giving it a rustic feel that’s both inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

Wooden Cutting Boards

One cheap and quick way to incorporate natural elements into your décor is by using wooden cutting boards as decorative accents on your countertops or hanging them on the wall (which is actually a great way to keep them in easy reach without taking up counter or drawer space).


Another way to bring nature into your kitchen is by adding greenery such as herbs or potted plants. Plants can add a pop of color, purify the air, and make your space feel more inviting. Herbs are perfect because they provide fresh ingredients for cooking. 

You can place small herb pots on windowsills or create a vertical garden with hanging planters. Another popular trend is using flowers such as lavender or wildflowers in vases or pitchers for a touch of country charm.

Succulents are a great option for those who want plants that are easy to care for. Herbs such as basil, mint, or rosemary can also be grown indoors in small pots or containers. 

You may also consider integrating fresh flowers into your kitchen decor. Nothing adds life like fresh-cut blooms! Whether you opt for a simple vase of wildflowers on your countertop or an elegant arrangement on your dining table, flowers create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any space.

Easy DIY farmhouse kitchen decor Ideas

DIY farmhouse kitchen decor offers endless possibilities for creating a cozy, inviting space that is full of character and charm. From the essential rustic touches to incorporating vintage kitchenware and natural elements, there are so many ways to bring the farmhouse style into your kitchen.

With a little creativity and some DIY know-how, you can transform your kitchen into a warm and welcoming space that you and your family will love spending time in.