How to Decorate Your Home with DIY Wall Art

You don’t have to buy art to fill up those blank walls in your home. You can make DIY wall art instead! No artistic experience or talent required.

DIY wall art hanging above sofa in living room

DIY wall art is also a budget-friendly way to add a personal touch and inject some creativity into your living space. These projects will make your home so much more enjoyable.

1. Choose Your Art Style:

The first thing you should to is decide what style that best reflects your taste and goes with your existing decor. You can opt for minimalistic, abstract, nature-inspired, coastal chic, farmhouse, or even vintage-inspired art.

2. Upcycled Materials:

One of the most eco-friendly, cost-effective and really fun ways to create stunning wall art is by repurposing materials you already have at home. It’s a blast seeing what you can make out of old stuff!

Get creative with upcycling old newspapers, magazines, fabric scraps, or even wine corks. For example, cut out interesting shapes or letters from colorful magazines and newspapers to make a collage on canvas or a large frame.

3. Botanical Beauties:

If you’re a nature lover, you could add botanical elements into your DIY wall art. Pressed flowers and leaves make beautiful additions to frames or can be arranged in intricate patterns on canvas.

Another idea is to create a vertical herb garden on a wooden pallet and hang it as a living piece of art. Not only will this bring a touch of nature indoors, but it will also give fresh herbs for cooking. And yes, it’s am ambitious project that’s not for everyone.

4. Geometric Wonders:

Painting geometric designs has become increasingly popular in modern home decor. It’s easier than you think. You make a pattern with masking tape (or painter’s tape) and paint all over it.

Once the paint dries, you gently remove the tape to reveal clean lines and a striking design. It’s exactly like using a stencil.

And if you don’t want to actually paint the wall, you can do this on canvas or wooden panels to hang on the walls.

5. Mixed Media Magic:

For those who love experimenting with different textures and materials, mixed media art is the way to go. Combine paint, fabric, beads, buttons, and other materials to create unique and eye-catching wall art pieces.

For example, you can create a textured canvas by gluing fabric or lace onto it and then painting over it with acrylics. The possibilities are endless with mixed media art, so let your imagination run wild.

6. Statement Typography:

Adding typography to your walls allows you to express yourself through words. You can choose meaningful quotes, lyrics, or even personal mantras that resonate with you.

You can do this by stenciling or hand-painting directly onto canvas or wooden boards – or right onto your walls. If you’re more digitally inclined, you can design it on a computer and then have a print shop print it for you, and then frame it.

7. Photo Collage:

Turn your cherished memories into wall art by creating a photo collage. Print out your favorite pictures and arrange them on a large canvas or even directly on the wall.

You can also tie pieces of yarn to push pins in the wall to create lines. Hang pictures from them with clothespins. You can paint the clothespins for an extra touch of style.

If you want to memorialize travels, do all this over top of a map and arrange the push pins to represent places you’ve traveled.

You can mix black and white with color photos or choose a specific color scheme to maintain a cohesive look. This personalized artwork will not only add character to your space but also serve as a constant reminder of precious moments.

8. Abstract Expressionism:

If you enjoy free-flowing creativity and want to create something truly unique, abstract expressionism is the perfect choice.

It’s also great because you cannot possibly get it wrong. Think of art you’ve seen, pictured in museums, that at first just looks like splashes of paint.

Use acrylic paints, watercolors, or even mixed media to create abstract art that reflects your emotions and mood. Experiment with different brush strokes, color combinations, and textures.

Remember, abstract art is subjective, so there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

9. Textile Wall Hangings:

For a bohemian or cozy vibe, consider creating textile wall hangings to adorn your walls. Use macrame techniques, knitting, or even fabric dyeing to produce gorgeous pieces of art.

You can experiment with different yarns, fabrics, and patterns to create unique textures and designs. Textile wall hangings not only add visual interest but also provide a softness and warmth to your space.