34 Easy Cake Recipes for Beginners

These simple cake recipes are amazing tasting, yet simple enough for even beginners. But more experienced bakers should take a look too, because they’re delicious.

Many of these recipes use box mixes as a shortcut, because why reinvent the wheel? But even the ones that start from scratch are easy as… well, maybe easy as pie isn’t the right phrase.

And it’s not a boring list at all. You’ll find everything from no-bake icebox cakes to classic red velvet cake. Most you can make in a basic cake sheet, while a couple of them need a bundt cake pan.

Note that we also have a nice collection of cupcake recipes for your next party, and also some easy dessert recipes. And if you want something even easier, try our cookie recipes and brownie recipes.

Slice of cake in box with strawberry on top

34 Easy Cake Recipes

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Last Updated:

October 27, 2023