40 Go-To Egg Recipes for Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner & More

There are a lot of ways you can eat an egg, and even more recipes that feature egg as a main ingredient. They’re delicious, good for you and so easy to enjoy with these delicious egg recipes.

The nutritional content of eggs is excellent, and researchers now know the high cholesterol in eggs doesn’t translate into cholesterol problems in your body.

Lots of egg recipes are also quick and easy, which makes them ideal for a hasty or thrown-together dinner when you haven’t got much prep time or haven’t been to the grocery store yet.

These recipes cover nearly every category: you could eat them for breakfast or dinner, or snacks or even dessert. But we do have some more egg recipe lists: scrambled eggs, quiches, and omelets.

Eggs with tomato and herbs in a skillet


Easy Egg Recipes