Favorite Cleaning Products and Ingredients

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We have a lot of recommendations for household cleaning products and ingredients for making your own.

Cleaning products on countertop

Olive Oil for Cleaning

You can mix olive oil – or walnut oil – with lemon juice for a homemade furniture polish. But you don’t want to use extra virgin olive oil.

Assuming you cook with EVOO, you’ll need a different oil if you want to make polish with it. What you’re looking for is an “extra light” olive oil like this one from Amazon.


Bleach can be a terrific cleaning product for many surfaces as well as laundry. You can also pour just a tiny splash of it down a drain that’s starting to smell. Let it sit for a while before you turn water on, and it will usually take care of that smell. You can order bleach online from Target.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is another surprisingly good household disinfecting cleaner. It kills germs and viruses, and it’s very safe and non-toxic. And so easy to use.

Probably the easiest way to use it is to get a special UV-resistant spray bottle for it, and just spray it on surfaces. Let it evaporate, and you don’t even need to scrub them down unless they’re visibly dirty.

You can also keep it in a UV-resistant canning jar. This is good for when you’re using it to make your own disinfecting wipes or want to store it with some cotton balls to use for smallish cleaning jobs

Cute Dishwashing/Cleaning Gloves

It can be fun to have a pair of cute gloves for dishwashing and to protect your hands during house cleaning. They’re more interesting to look at then the usual yellow pairs. Check out these really cute silicone gloves.

Dusting Spray

Dusting sprays help your cloth pick up more dust than it would on its own. A cloth alone can tend to just stir up dust and rub it around.

That’s why you have sprays that make the cloths more able to hold the dust. We are fans of Endust brand (check the price at Amazon).

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are helpful with laundry. We find the Downy April Fresh dryer sheets are great for keeping down the static cling. They also give clothes a nice fresh smell that isn’t overpowering and make fabric feel softer.