8 Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

Sometimes you just need a decadent boozy fudge recipes. These easy fudge recipes are infused with alcohol for your enjoyment.

In this list, you’ve got fudge recipes that use delicious alcohols like Irish cream, Kahlua, whiskey and even champagne! They’re great for you or to give as a food gift!

Fudge is a notoriously easy dessert to make. It takes minimal cooking skills and not a lot of time to make fudge.

It’s the perfect boozy dessert to make when you don’t have a lot of time. With just a few ingredients and a little alcohol, you’ll have a special treat.

So grab your whiskey decanter, and let’s get started!

Boozy fudge pieces on wax paper

Boozy Fudge Recipes