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Our Favorite Health & Beauty Buys

These are some health and beauty products that we either use and rely on or have put on our wishlists. Now you can take a look and see what you like.

Health and beauty products in bottles on shelf

Pump Bottles

Pump bottles are helpful for so many things. Use them to mix two (or more) products together. Or use them to store a smaller amount of a product you buy by the liter.

These are not exactly the ones I have, since those are unavailable right now, but they seem to be virtually identical. You can read the reviews on Amazon.


There are some oils and other natural products that are great for hair and skin care. Some of them are much more affordable than a lot of beauty products, too.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is a plant based moisturizer that’s great for both skin and hair. It has a cooling effect that makes it very popular for soothing sunburned skin.

It’s also great as an oil-free moisturizer, and as a sort of natural sealant over oil-based moisturizers. In hair, it can be nourishing while acting a little like a styling gel.

Jojoba Oil

The wonderful thing about this one is that jojoba oil is similar to the oil our bodies naturally produce. That makes it a great lightweight choice for hair and skin.

Learn how to make your own leave-in conditioner using jojoba oil. It’s also wonderful as a skin product on its own or as part of a homemade blend.

Olive Oil

You don’t have to spend a lot on olive oil to get a good one for your skin. Olive oil is extremely moisturizing, and some dermatologists recommend pouring a little of it into a bath to soak the moisture into your skin.

You can also just apply it to very dry hands, elbows and other areas. Too much of it can promote acne, so back off at the first sign of that.

Avon Skin So Soft

A cult classic for decades, Avon Skin So Soft is a spray oil known for sealing moisture into your skin right after bathing. Generations of women have also claimed it repels bugs, although expert testing says that’s not true.

There is now also Skin So Soft spray, which actually has a mild bug repellent ingredient.


Apricot Kernels

You can buy apricot kernels as a food item, grind them up in your food processor, and add them into cleansers. It’s basically a quick and easy way to turn any cleanser into an exfoliant.

Essential Oils

Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is a useful additive for hair care because it can help make your hair smell nice after it’s gotten a little bit sweaty or is starting to get oily.

If you have dry hair and are trying to go longer between hair washes, but you work out frequently, lavendar oil – even just in a spritzer with water – can help.

It’s also good for gently drying up pimples if you have combination or dry skin and only occasionally get them.

First Aid

Hydrogen Peroxide

You probably already know that hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning any sort of cut or abrasion. Some people also use it as a mouthwash. But you might be surprised to learn you can also use it as a disinfectant cleaner.

70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol comes in different strengths. 70% is good for most applications. You can use it to clean wounds and tools like tweezers before you go to pick a splinter out. It’s also a genuine disinfectant cleaner when used properly.


We only recommend supplements that doctors have recommended to us. For the rest, you should talk to your own doctor.

Solgar Gentle Iron

If you’ve been advised by a doctor to take iron for anemia, but you’ve had trouble with it upsetting your stomach, you might want to try Solgar Gentle Iron. It’s formulated to absorb better with less stomach upset.

Vitamin C

This chewable version of Vitamin C has a nice berry flavor and makes for a nicer experience than taking a pill. Chewable means it will absorb easier, too.


White Nail Pencil

Chances are you do not have time for constant nail maintenance. One of the quickest ways to make your nails look nice anytime, anyplace is to use a white nail pencil under the tips.

The white pencils make the tips of your nails look nice and white, like you’ve just had French tips done.

Combined with a coat or two of a nice sparkly clear nail polish like OPI Nail Envy, and you’ve got a beautiful look you can do on the run. Read more about faking a French manicure here.

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