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Great Home Decor Products

These home decor products are great for improving or updating the look of your home. Get ideas and inspiration, and then come up with ideas of your own.

Blue paneled room with table and chairs


Shower Curtain Rod

It might seem like a strange thing to mention in a post about home decor, but a shower curtain rod is kind of an amazing thing. It can be used in all sorts of projects, including to make a room divider curtain or create an unobtrusive extra towel rack in the bathroom. Check out the shower curtain rods available at Amazon.

Curtain Clips

You’ll probably also need some curtain clips. They can turn any kind of sheet or cloth into a curtain.

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains are a surprisingly easy way to dress up a boring room or cover up an alcove full of boxes. Check out beaded curtains on Amazon.

Tab Top Style Curtains

Tab top style curtains have an open top of strips that fit on the curtain rod. They can have a much more interesting look that regular curtains, especially if you have an attractive curtain rod you want to show off. Check out tab top style curtains on Etsy.


LED Rope Lighting

LED rope lighting is an inexpensive, power-efficient way to light a space. It’s especially good when you want atmospheric lighting rather than something bright. And because it’s LED powered, it uses very little electricity.