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Best Home Office Equipment & Supplies

This is a collection of some of my favorite home office equipment. These are mostly items I’ve owned and used for a while along with a few wishlist items too.

Home office equipment on desk

Sentinel Shredder

I use shredders to destroy documents with my name or address so they can’t fall into the wrong hands. This applies to junk mail as well as old papers we no longer need.

Most shredders only lasted 2-3 years for me before they would start jamming constantly or not even turn on anymore. Then I got this Sentinel Shredder 7 years ago and it’s still as good as ever.

Sentinel shredder for shredding important papers

It has micro crosscut shredding so it turns paper – and credit cards and CDs – almost into confetti. It can handle 10 sheets of paper.

If you put too many sheets in, it slows it down a little. If you put way too many sheets in, it will jam. But it’s much harder to jam than most shredders I’ve had.

Brother Laser Printer

This Brother monochrome laser printer has been a workhorse in my office for 6 years now. It just works, and that’s more than I can say for a lot of printers I’ve owned.

It stays connected to the wi-fi. It doesn’t jam easily at all, and when it does, it’s very easy to fix. You can print a lot of pages very quickly, and you can print them double-sided to save paper.

Because it’s laser, you don’t have to deal with printer heads clogging or frequently replacing expensive inkjet cartridges. While the high yield laser printer cartridges for this printer are not cheap, they print about 8,000 pages.

At current prices, that comes out to something like 1.3 cents per sheet. Inkjet is never as affordable. And if you don’t print regularly, nothing will clog up or dry out between uses.

Epson EcoTank Inkjet

If you prefer inkjet to laser – usually because you like to print photos, which is the one thing it does better than laser printers – the Epson EcoTank line is the best choice. It costs more  up front, but you will save money  by not having to pay for expensive cartridges over and over.

There are several models to choose from, depending on whether you need it to also be a scanner, copier, etc. If you don’t, you can save money by choosing a less expensive Eco-Tank model.

The Ecotank printers use tanks of ink that never dry out and print tons of pages before running out of ink. The only problem they have in common with other inkjets is that the print heads can get clogged if you don’t use them frequently enough.

The cost per page with these is around half a cent per page, making them even more affordable than the laser printers.

Staples Printing

You can also have Staples handle the big printing jobs for you. You just upload your documents to them, tell them what you need, and have it shipped to your home for free.

Sheet Protectors

Sheet protectors come in handy for all sorts of things. One of my favorite uses is to make a checklist or worksheet into a sort of reusable dry erase page. Just put a page in it, write on it with a dry erase pen or marker, and then wipe it off to reuse next time.

You can also use them to store knitting and crochet patterns so you can mark them off with dry erase markers too. Use this to keep track of where you are in a project.

Paper Cutters

Keeping a paper cutter in your home office means you can always trim paper neatly for any application. Use it to make binder inserts or cut 2-up (and 3-up and so on) printings exactly along the lines.

One of my favorite uses for this cutter is chopping up printed pages that came out wrong or mostly blank. I cut them in quarters and use the blank sides as scratch paper.


Create 365 Happy Planners

If you love paper planners, check out the Create 365 Happy Planner, which comes in several sizes and styles, with lots of available accessories. These planners will inspire you with stickers and all kinds of customization options. You can even add your own pages by using special hole punches to turn any paper into sheets that will fit in your Happy Planner.

Planner Stickers

Stickers can make planners more fun and pretty, but they can also make you more efficient.