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13 Delicious Homemade Energy Drinks

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You can make your own homemade energy drinks. Most of these drinks are little more than huge amounts of sugar or caffeine, dressed up with a few healthy sounding ingredients or some slick marketing, at higher prices than your average soft drink or cup of coffee. 

These energy drink recipes give you the opportunity to make exactly the drink you want, with exactly the ingredients you trust, and save money while you’re at it.

The Tools

For some of these drinks, you’ll need a blender. I like my Oster Classic Blender. I’ve had it for years, and it is powerful.

Homemade energy drinks on table

You do have to chop up fruits and vegetables before putting them in the Oster to be pulverized. If you want something so powerful that it can pulverize some whle fruits, you need the Vitamix or the Nutribullet.

I have several friends who swear by the Vitamix blenders. With most blenders, you need to chop stuff up before putting it in, and you can’t always leave the skins on.

With the Vitamix, I’m told you can literally stuff whole vegetables and fruits into it and it will totally puree them. You can even include quartered oranges with the peels left on.

Green tea energy drink with matcha powder on table

This way, you get every bit of the nutrients instead of having any scraps. You can also pulverize nuts into nut flours, make ice creams and soups, etc.

But I have some other friends who say the Nutribullet is the way to go. It pulverizes everything with very little chopping and prepping, and it’s quick and easy to use.

It’s much less expensive than Vitamix, and while it doesn’t do everything it does, not everybody wants a blender that does all those things.

Closeup view of orange homemade energy drink

You may also want to get yourself a good smoothie bottle. The Blender Bottle has a little ball whisk inside it that is designed to blend your drink when you shake it up.

Now, it doesn’t have blades, so it’s not going to pulverize chunks of fruit like a blender. But I’ve used it to mix dry powders with liquid ingredients, for example.

I used to make lunch smoothies to take to work, and the ingredients would separate before lunchtime (especially if I used banana). A few shakes of the Blender Bottle, and everything’s nicely blended again.

Also check out how to make your own energy bars. They’re great for carrying with you through the day for quick energy and healthy snacking.

Homemade energy drink recipes

1. DIY Energy Shot

With green tea and passion tea, it’s designed to be a pre-workout energy shot. It has a little bit of caffeine from the green tea to get you going.

2. Breakfast Energy Smoothie

Berries, orange juice, and yogurt are a great way to start the day. The frozen berries and orange juice provide some fruit sugars for energy, and the yogurt has some fats and proteins. I love Dreaming Cow Grass Fed Yogurt in Plain if you can find it in your area. I’ve found it in stores like Fresh Market and Whole Foods.

Berry smoothie energy drinks

3. Layered Mixed-Berry Green Power Smoothie

A beautiful, thick smoothie with all kinds of fruits and veggies, with vanilla protein powder to give you stamina.

4. Cherry Lemonade Energy Drink

Tastes like cherry lemonade, but with green tea and coconut water to give you an energy boost. I really like this homemade energy drink because it calls for seltzer water and the carbonation makes the drink more refreshing.

5. Plain Apple Cider Vinegar Energy Drink

Made with organic, raw apple cider. There are a lot of other supposed benefits to drinking apple cider vinegar, although I’m not sure they’ve been tested in medical studies.

Apple cider vinegar energy drink

6. Electrolyte Energy Drink

Several variations, with ingredients like lemon, lime, and coconut water. One variation on this one adds some sea salt. We mostly hear about too much salt being bad for you, but too little is bad, too. If you sweat a lot, you may need to replenish your salt as well as your fluids.

7. Super Easy All Natural Energy Drink

This homemade energy drink has matcha green tea powder, Stevia and optional lime juice. This one you could just make in a Blender Bottle, like I was talking about above.

8. Super Energy Drink

Blends an orange with coconut milk, honey, yogurt, and flaxseed. That gives you both energy and stamina, and the flaxseed provides some Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for you.

9. Grizzly Bears Energy Drink

Lemon, honey, and no refined sugar. The salt and baking soda will help you rehydrate, and the honey will give you energy.

10. Cocoa Energy drink

Chocolate, banana, milk and a little bit of sugar. It’s practically a chocolate banana milkshake, but the banana and chocolate both have some minerals you can lose through exercise, and the milk will give you stamina.

Chocolate banana smoothies on table with bananas

11. Strawberry Energy Drink

Strawberries, peaches, honey, with non-fat dry milk powder. If you don’t want to use milk powder, you could replace that with yogurt.

12. Gatorade Substitute

This comes close to the exact ratio of ingredients that makes Gatorade effective. Remember what I was saying about salt in No. 6? This one has it, too, and it’s a good way to replenish that lost salt.

13. Chocolate Energy Drink

This one is basically chocolate milk, but with an egg for protein. It’s simple, and you might already have everything you need to make it on hand.

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