33 Homemade Liqueur Recipes

You can make liqueurs at home, and it may be easier than you’d imagine. There are a few ways to go about it, and lots of recipes for homemade liqueurs.

Infusing Liquor

One of the top methods for making liqueurs is to infuse vodka, gin or other neutral spirits. You can put herbs, fruit, fruit peels and rinds, and even candy into bottles and leave them to absorb the flavor over time.

This is how you make liqueurs that are fruit flavored or herbal. It’s also how you make candy infusions.

Various colored liqueurs in glass flasks

Making a Syrup

The method for making a lot of homemade liquors involves some cooking. You’re essentially making a syrup like simple syrup, only with flavorings.

This is how you make liqueurs like Irish cream or coffee liqueur. Now for some recipes.

Recipes to Make Homemade Liquors



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Last Updated:

April 22, 2024