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How to organize your clothes in the closet

I never thought of putting my clothes into my closet in any particular way – other than hanging them carefully so they wouldn’t wrinkle – until a few years ago, when someone suggested arranging them by type of garment, then color. It sounded like a lot of work, and the first time it did take a little work. But after that, it was simple: tops went here, bottoms went there, with skirts on that end and pants on the other, and everything arranged in hues from white to black, with everything in between.

Color-coded clothes hanging in closet

That’s the method I chose, but there are other ways to organize your clothes in the closet – for example, a man who dresses conservatively may not have enough color in his wardrobe to bother with that. The value of an organized closet is:

  • You can find the pieces you need more quickly.
  • It helps you remember what you have – if you’ve got more clothes than closet space, this is a huge help.
  • It looks nice.
  • It’s also pretty awesome with kids who are learning to dress themselves.

Different closet organizing styles

  • Color coding. I have all my clothes arranged by color, with the tops and bottoms separated. This helps me find specific pieces, and it lets me hold up one piece to the colors in the others to find a good match.
  • By style. Another option is to put all your clothes of one style together. All your button down shirts or blouses in one spot, all the knit tops in the other, jeans in one spot and slacks in another.
  • By level of formality. If your life is more defined by dressing for occasions – work, play, casual parties, elegant parties – you might prefer to organize the dress stuff in one spot, the business casual in another, the casual in another, and the funky in yet another.

Just go with the system that makes sense to you (or if you come up with others, I’d like to hear about it in comments). You can also organize your drawers in any of these ways.