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How to wax leaves

Waxed fall leaves are a great for fall decorating. You can scatter some artfully on a dining table, mantle or bookshelf. They’re beautiful added to flower arrangements. There are several different ways to make them, but the least “chemical” way is the liquid wax method.

Waxed leaf on white surface

Liquid wax leaves

  1. Lay some newspaper out on a table or counter and put wax paper over it.
  2. Melt some beeswax or paraffin in a double boiler over low heat. Instead of using an inner pot, you might want to use an old coffee can (or similar) that you can recycle, just in case things get messy. You can use old candle stubs or buy wax at a store.
  3. Once the wax becomes liquid, you can start dipping the leaves in it. Hold them by the stems, dip them for a second or two and hold them above the wax and allow any excess wax drip off into the liquid.
  4. Lay each leaf on the wax paper you put out on a table or counter in Step 1 and allow them to dry.

The leaves come out looking very natural this way, with a matte finish. If you want them glossy, you could brush them with a glossy sealer from an art store.