12 Tasty Imitation Crab Recipes

 Imitation crab is a great way to get the flavor of crab and nutrition of fish in your meal. These delicious recipes will have you using it all the time!

You may think imitation crab, or surimi, sounds like a cheap knockoff, but it tastes so much like real crab. It’s just fish flavored to taste and feel like crab, and it’s really good.

Imitation crab salad on plate

It’s typically white fish meat – often pollock or hake – ground and then mixed with starch, egg whites and flavorings, and then shaped it sticks. The final product is cooked and colored to resemble real crab meat.

It’s served in a lot of sushi restaurants because it really is that hard to tell from real crab. It’s nearly as good as the real thing, but at a much lower price.

It is also a good source of protein and low in fat, making it a healthy choice for you to serve your family. This is one imitation you can feel good about!

Some of these recipes are one-pot dinners – all you need for a weeknight meal. Others are dips and sides that are perfect with entrees or as snacks or appetizers. Enjoy!

Imitation Crab Recipes

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Last Updated:

April 25, 2024