11 Beautiful Japanese Tea Sets To Gift or Keep for Yourself

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Japanese tea sets make a terrific gift for any tea lover. Or you may want a set for yourself. Whether you love cast iron or porcelain, these sets are gorgeous and functional.

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What to Look for In a Japanese Tea Set

If you’re new to ceremonial Japanese tea sets, there are a few things to be aware of.

  • Many of these tea pots are not designed to boil water. Traditionally, you would boil the water in a separate pan and then transfer it to the teapot.
  • They are made of either cast iron (with or without enamel coating) or ceramic porcelain. Cast-iron can be heavy. Porcelain is lighter and more portable, but it can also contain trace amounts of lead and cadmium. Some manufacturers claim theirs are tested for purity.
  • All of these come with stainless steel infusers for loose tea. I wouldn’t personally trust any material other than stainless steel for this.
  • Most of these are not dishwasher or microwave safe. Again, that’s due to the use of traditional materials and craftsmanship.

Red Japanese tea set on table

Japanese Tea Sets

All of these sets include one Japanese teapot and 2-4 cups, and sometimes other accessories. And because they're all from Amazon, free shipping is available at the time of writing.