29 Easy Mac and Cheese Recipes

Homemade mac and cheese recipes are easy and such great comfort food. You’ll want to try all these easy macaroni and cheese recipes.

The beautiful thing about mac & cheese is that it can be such a down-home dish or you can make it sophisticated and gourmet. It’s a versatile classic and crowd pleaser.

Make it in a pot, a cast iron skillet, or prepare a baked mac and cheese in the oven. You can also make it in the Instant Pot, and we have a whole separate collection of Instant Pot mac and cheese recipes.

All of these recipes are pretty easy to make. But many of them take macaroni and cheese to the next level. They use special cheeses like smoked Gouda or Gruyere instead of cheddar. They add unexpected ingredients like onion and dijon. Or meat, breadcrumbs, etc.

Mac and cheese in bowl

Homemade Macaroni and Cheese Recipes