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How to Make Gift Tags for Any Occasion

Why not make your own gift tags this year? You can save a few bucks and look like you spent extra. 

Homemade Gift Tag Ideas

LollyChops has some gorgeous bird gift tags – just download the PDF, print on a color printer, and carefully cut them out with scissors, unless you have the Marva punch she talks about (even easier).

Green Bee has a tutorial for a Matchbook Notepad you can use as a stocking stuffer or party favor. I thought you could also turn it into a gift tag by writing your To and From message on the first page and attaching it near the bow, like usual, and that gave me the inspiration for this post. 

Hands making homemade gift tags

Business Card Land has some more traditional printable gift tags. The templates are set up so you can type the information (sender, recipient, etc.) in and print it straight onto those sheets of perforated business card stock you buy for an inkjet or laser printer. But you can also do these on regular paper and just cut them out, of course.

If none of those quite work for you, check out Free Printable Gift Tags – they have lots of tags for lots of occasions, with beautiful designs. All of them will print in Word (so you can alter the text) or as PDFs. They’re also set up to print on business card stock or regular paper.

And of course Microsoft’s got you covered with some free online templates for gift tags you can make in Word.