12 Easy Marmalade Recipes that Go Beyond Orange

Orange marmalade recipes, peach marmalade, even zucchini carrot ginger. This list has it all. Including ways to make it without store bought pectin.

Marmalade is a sweet spread that’s a lot like jam or jelly, but there are some key differences. Marmalade is usually made with citrus fruits like oranges and lemons instead of strawberries, grapes or raspberries. And you cook it at a higher temperature than jam, which gives you a thicker texture.

The other thing that’s different about it is that it has small pieces of zest, or fruit peel, suspended in the spread. It also usually includes the pith (white part of the fruit) for texture, too.

Orange marmalade in jar

You might expect it to taste bitter, but it has a delicious tangy-sweet flavor and the zest gives it a nice texture. It’s wonderful on toast and croissants, or even as a pancake topping.

Recipes to Make Marmalade