7 Melted Crayon Craft Ideas for Kids

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You might be surprised how many crafts you can make from melted crayons! Kids will love these projects.

You can make anything from jewelry to sun catchers. Or turn kids loose with paper or canvas to make are with melted crayons.

Your heat source will be a microwave, your own or an iron or heat gun. Some of these projects require supplies you may not have on hand, but most don’t.

This is a great way to use up broken crayons and the ends of crayons that are too short to hold.

Melted crayons in many colors on paper

1. Melted Crayon Art Jewelry – Turn crayons into jewelry

You’d never believe this jewelry pieces are melted crayon! They’re stunning with a glassy finish.

This is a tutorial anyone can follow – even kids! You’ll need a heat tool for melting, some jewelry fixtures (pendant trays and glass cabochons), some adhesive and not much else.

You could wear these, give them as gifts or even sell them at craft markets. They’re just beautiful.

2. Melted Crayon Butterflies

Here’s a great kids’ project. If they can use a pencil sharpener and an iron safely, they don’t even need supervision.

There’s plenty of room for kids to get creative and change things. They could leave white space in some areas and color it in with something else to add some texture, for example.

3. Super-Simple Melted Crayon Suncatcher Craft

In this craft, you take the lid from a mason jar and use crayons and wax paper to make a beautiful design. Then you hang it from a window and let the sun filter through it.

This is a very affordable project. The most expensive part will be the mason jar lids, if you don’t have any on hand, but they’re not expensive.

4. Colourful DIY Candles from Crayons: 4 Easy Steps!

Make these beautiful multi-colored candles by melted crayons in the microwave and pouring them into jars. This one takes some supervision, but kids can have input on which colors to use and how to pour them in.

Be aware that crayon candles may not burn as well as a traditional wax candles, but they are non-toxic. You can get around this by mixing traditional wax with them.

Or you can just treat them as decorative candles you have no intention of burning. Since they’re so pretty, that’s a good option!

5. Crayon Coasters

These are melted in the microwave and then pressed into shape. Then you cover them with a sealant to protect them.

They’re not made to handle heat well and won’t last forever. But they’re absolutely gorgeous and you can make new ones when these break up or get stained.

6. How To Make Melted Crayon Letters

With a silicone mold and an oven, you can turn broken crayons into beautiful swirly colored letters. These can be decorative, and kids can actually use them as crayons if they want.

They’re also cute for gifting or using as party favors or stocking stuffers. You could give kids their own initials in a little gift bag at a party, for example.

7. Crayon Heart Pencil Toppers

All you need are some plastic pencil pops and a silicone mold, and you can make adorable pencil toppers for kids. These are really cute and easy to make.

Pencils with these toppers make great for gifts for kids at school and also non-candy Halloween treats.

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Last Updated:

March 19, 2024