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National Action Financial Services scam

Oh, here we go again. Just as I’ve stopped getting calls from the fake company “Account Services“, I started getting robot calls from a collection agency called National Action Financial Services. They’re a real company, but they don’t ask for anyone by name on the messages they leave. It turned out they were after the person who had my phone number before I got it – I still get calls for him, and it’s been my number for years – but I certainly don’t owe anyone any money.

Graphic of multi-colored dollar signs

But then I did some research and found out it may be worse than I thought:

National Action Financial Services, Inc. Abusive-rude and took money that wasn’t owed to them-Bank of America didn’t get any of the money that I had paid on my account.

Some consumers feel this company is actually making up fake debts and trying to scare them into paying, and then the company keeps the money. One customer reports they told him he owed money to a Blockbuster in Ohio, but he’d never been to Ohio and never had a Blockbuster account. That didn’t stop the company from harassing him by phone and letter. For some reason, there are a lot of Blockbuster debts mentioned in these stories. It could be this is who Blockbuster uses to collect, or it could be a scam rigged by someone who figures everyone has a Blockbuster account.

I’m lucky enough not to owe anyone any money, so I knew when I got a call from them that it was baloney, mistaken identity or another auto-dialer scam. But if you do owe anyone money, I would suggest do not deal directly with this collection agency. They have threatened to sue consumers for not paying debt that’s beyond the statute of limitations and have an all-round bad reputation. Find out who they claim you owe, and contact that company or person directly to work out your payment.

If you’re not the person they think you are, you can get your number pulled from their database, call 716-565-1020 or 1-866-529-1899. I tried this fairly recently, but it seems to have worked so far. I was getting daily calls, and now I haven’t had any in three days.