24 Easy Spring Roll Dipping Sauce Recipes

The right spring roll dipping sauce can take these delicious rolls to a whole new level. These sauce recipes are easy to make and so tasty. They range from peanut sauces to sweet chili to yum yum.

If you’ve never had spring rolls before, they are made with a rice paper wrapping. You can fry it crispy, like summer rolls and egg rolls. But you can also leave it uncooked, as long as all the ingredients inside are as cooked as they need to be for safety.

This gives you a roll that feels lighter and not at all greasy. The wrapper is less crispy, but vegetables like cabbage and snow peas will make up for that. And if you make it with certain ingredients, that makes it a Vietnamese summer roll.

You can also dip summer rolls and egg rolls in these sauces. There are a few ways to make spring rolls, and you can stuff them with whatever you like.

These rolls are great as appetizers or light lunches. Once you figure out your favorite spring roll recipes to serve, you can offer several dipping sauces for your family or guests to try.

Spring rolls on plate with dipping sauce

Spring Roll Sauces