26 Starbucks Drink Copycat Recipes to Make at Home

With these recipes, you can save money by making Starbucks drinks at home with these recipes! From frappucinos to cold brew to fruit teas, it’s all here.

These recipes are very good copycats of Starbucks drinks. Imagine getting all that deliciousness without spending all the money and time in the drive through or in line at the counter.

Homemade frappuccino on teal cloth on kitchen counter

Plus, it’s so easy to improve on the recipes. Several of these are vegan versions of the originals, but you could make most any of them vegan.

Or you could mix flavors or add ingredients to them. Make the exact drink you’ve always wanted from the coffee shop, at home for a fraction of the price.

Starbucks Drink Copycat recipes

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Last Updated:

April 22, 2024