7 Easy Steak Salad Recipes

Salad is a surprisingly good way to enjoy a good pan-seared or grilled steak. These delicious steak salad recipes are great for lunch or dinner.

These salads require a little bit of cooking, but that’s fine because they can be your whole meal. You can grill the steaks or cook them in a skillet. The trick in some of them is a great marinade for the steak.

These recipes also come with their own homemade salad dressing recipes. Some have blue cheese style dressings, while others have balsamic vinaigrettes.

If steak sounds expensive, know that several of these call for less expensive cuts like flank steak. You don’t need filet or New York strip to make these delicious.

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Closeup of steak salad

Best Steak Salad Recipes

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Last Updated:

October 27, 2023