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Clean wax off candle holders

Very few candles burn so cleanly that they don’t leave any wax gunk behind in your candle holders. Sometimes it’s easy enough to scrape off, but other times – especially if you make your own candles out of old ones – it’s gross. And even when it’s not gross, even the cleanest burning candle tends …

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How to clean copper cookware

Copper pots and pans are wonderful for cooking, but over time they can develop tarnish. While tarnish doesn’t affect their performance, it’s not pretty. It’s worth mentioning that the tarnish patina actually protects the copper from corrosion. If you can live with the look of the tarnish, you may want to just leave it alone …

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Cleaning with vinegar

Vinegar is amazing. I’m finding it’s just about the only ingredient I need for cleaning. It’s safe, inexpensive, green and less obnoxious than scented cleaners or harsh chemicals like ammonia. In these tips, “vinegar” means distilled white vinegar unless it says otherwise. Garbage disposal seals and trash cans can retain odors. Wipe them down with …

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