Time-Saving Laundry Hacks: Make Laundry Day a Breeze!

Laundry has to be done, and we all wish it could be less time-consuming and tedious. You can make use of these expert laundry hacks to save time and make doing the laundry much easier.

Putting clothes into the dryer

Pre-Sorting Strategies

The first thing to consider is your pre-sorting strategy. Getting this right can help streamline the process and save you a lot of valuable time, especially if you have a big family and do laundry often.

Separate Hampers

One great method is to use separate laundry bins or hampers for different types of clothing. Have one bin for whites, another for darks, and a third for delicates.

Encourage family members to place their items in the appropriate bin, and then you won’t spend all your time sorting before each load.

If kids struggle with this, you can use color-coded laundry bags or mesh laundry wash bags for specific types of garments. This way, you can easily grab a bag and toss it into the washing machine without having to sort through a pile of clothes.

Time-Saving Washing Techniques

Once you’ve sorted your laundry, it’s time to tackle the washing process. Here are some ways to speed that up while still making sure your clothes come out clean and fresh, and you don’t waste unnecessary resources.

Quick Wash

Utilize the “Quick Wash” feature on your washing machine. Many modern washing machines come with a quick wash cycle that takes significantly less time than regular cycles.

This feature is perfect for lightly soiled clothes or items that don’t require intensive cleaning.

Cold Water

Use cold water for laundry with most loads. Unless you’re dealing with heavily stained garments or you’re trying to sanitize clothes because someone’s been ill, using cold water instead of hot or warm water can save both time and energy.

Cold water is just as effective at cleaning most fabrics while reducing the risk of color fading or shrinking, especially with today’s detergents.

Multi-Purpose Detergents

Opt for multi-purpose laundry detergents. Instead of having separate detergents for different types of fabrics, choose a multi-purpose detergent that works well on various materials and stains.

This eliminates the need to switch detergents between loads, saving you time and money.

You can also make homemade laundry detergent.

Efficient Drying Methods

Drying clothes efficiently is just as important as washing them. Follow these tips to minimize drying time and make the process more time-friendly.

Sort clothes by fabric type

Separate lightweight fabrics from heavy ones when loading the dryer. This allows you to set appropriate drying times for each load and prevents over-drying or under-drying.

Utilize dryer balls or clean tennis balls

Tossing a few dryer balls or clean tennis balls into the dryer with your clothes helps reduce drying time by improving airflow and preventing items from clumping together.

Hang certain items to dry

To save time and energy, consider air-drying certain items that don’t require machine drying. Hang delicate garments, workout clothes, or even jeans on a drying rack or clothesline.

Streamlining Folding and Storage

Folding and storing laundry can be another time-consuming aspect of the laundry process. However, with some clever hacks, you can make this step more efficient, too.

Fold straight from the dryer

Instead of dumping your freshly dried clothes into a laundry basket, take advantage of the warm temperature and fold them right away. This saves you from sorting through a pile of wrinkled clothes later on.

Invest in organizing tools

Drawer dividers, closet organizers, and storage bins are fantastic investments when it comes to keeping your folded laundry neat and easily accessible. These tools help you streamline the process of putting away your clothes.

Delegate folding tasks

If you have a large family, divide the folding responsibilities among household members. This not only saves time but also encourages teamwork and responsibility.

Time-Saving Tips for Ironing

Ironing can be a time-consuming task, but with these tips, you’ll be able to breeze through it in no time:

Hang wrinkle-prone items in the bathroom

Hang clothing items that tend to wrinkle easily (like shirts) in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam from the shower will help release the wrinkles, reducing the need for extensive ironing.

Invest in wrinkle-release sprays

Wrinkle-release sprays are a lifesaver when it comes to eliminating wrinkles quickly. Simply spray the garment, give it a gentle tug, and hang it up to dry. No ironing required.

Prioritize ironing only essential garments

Instead of ironing every single piece of clothing, focus on ironing only those that are highly visible or necessary. For example, iron collared shirts or dress pants while leaving casual t-shirts for later.