6 Best Virtual Mailbox Services

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A virtual mailbox service can be your best friend. They’re great for people who travel a lot or otherwise find it difficult to pick up the mail as often as they would like.

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What to Look for in a Virtual Mailbox Service

The way these services work may seem complex at first, but it’s simple.

  1. You set up forwarding from one of their physical addresses (most services offer several of these). This is a matter of completing an official form from the US Post Office.
  2. Then you tell everyone who sends you mail to send it to this new real street address, which the service will give you. Or you can use the USPS mail forwarding service, but read here on why you might not want to trust the post office with mail forwarding.
  3. You mail starts going to the digital mailbox service, and they scan the outside of each envelope for you to look at. Then you tell them with each piece whether you want it forwarded, want the internal pages scanned, or want it shredded.
  4. Yes, you can continue using your real address for important mail or anything you want and just use the virtual address to catch the junk mail.

Who Needs Virtual Mail?

Virtual mail is great for frequent travelers and digital nomads. You may be RVing around the country or jet setting around the globe. Or you may just spend a lot of nights away from home as part of your job.

Instead of dealing with the post office and vacation mail stops, or asking a neighbor to grab the mail for you, your service does all the work.

A virtual mailing address is great for those who can’t receive FedEx or UPS parcels where they live. You need a real physical street address for them. A virtual mail service can not only receive those packages but bundle up a bunch of them and then forward them to you as needed.

And these services also help those who can’t pick up their mail as often as they need to. For example, you may work late most evenings and live in a courtyard apartment where the mailboxes aren’t well-lit. A PO box might not be a better alternative. If you don’t feel safe grabbing your mail, this might be the option you’re looking for.

Or maybe you don’t have a very secure place to receive parcels, and you’re concerned about someone stealing or damaging them.

And then there’s the home-based small business owner, freelancer or solopreneur. Most of these companies cannot provide registered agent services, but they can give you a legitimate virtual business address to show to clients or the world at large. That way you get your business mail without exposing your home address.

What to Look For In Digital Mail Services

Your first step is to identify what you most need. Some services are better than others at certain things.

  • Do you mainly need a service to forward your packages to where you’re traveling or staying?
  • Is your main goal simply the privacy of having an address to give out that’s not your home?
  • Do you need check depositing services?
  • Is it important for your service to integrate with another service you use, like Dropbox or Google Drive?
  • Do you need a physical address in a particular region?
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Best Virtual Mailbox Services of 2023